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St. Louis Cemetery # 1 Tour

New Orleans is known for its unique cemeteries and burial customs – including above-ground graves. We offer unique St. Louis Cemetery tours in New Orleans, giving guests the full experience of being in the presence of these old and sometimes very famous graves!

The oldest cemetery is St. Louis No. 1, opened in 1789 in a relatively small space. Thousands of entombments have taken place here in the subsequent centuries, accomplished through the local unusual customs of burial and re-use of tombs, meaning that multiple people could have been buried in the same tomb throughout the years. This cemetery is well over 200 years old and serves as the final resting place of some of New Orleans’ most famous historic residents, including the famous Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau; the chess master Paul Morphy; and Homer Plessy of the famed Plessy v. Ferguson court case.

Our cemetery tour guides have an immense amount of information on hand to give your experience in the cemetery depth and color. You won’t just get to see the graves of some famous persons – you will also get to learn facts about their lives, the burial ground and so much more.

We take great pride in the quality and amount of information we have to offer our customers. We strive to provide the most immersive experience possible backed by thoroughly researched and vetted information. All of our details are historically accurate and factually based, meaning that you’ll leave St. Louis Cemetery #1 feeling more knowledgeable and excited about the information you’ve learned.

If you’re a movie buff, we have a treat for you, too! In addition to the grave sites, during the cemetery tour, we will also show you the former location of “Storyville,” the site of the filming of “Easy Rider.” Plan your St. Louis Cemetery tour today.

$25 Per Adult – 2 Hour Tour - Daily 10am & 1pm (10am only on Sundays)

French Quarter Walking Tour

New Orleans is such a fascinating city. Let us share our love of this unique city as we guide, entertain and educate you about all of the history, architecture, music, culture, cuisine and general attitude. Get a “local” perspective on where to go, what to see and do, and of course, where to eat!


Founded in 1718, the French Quarter (Vieux Carre – meaning old square) was the original settlement of this 300-year-old city. See the unique architecture and the lush, inviting courtyards as you stroll through the narrow streets, soaking up the charm and ambiance of America’s most interesting city. Learn about the French and Spanish rule and the Louisiana Purchase.

On our French Quarter Tour, you’ll get to see the Cabildo, the Presbytere, the Pontalba Buildings, St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, the Old Ursuline Convent, and many other historically significant locations.

Stroll by former residences of William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams; see Cafe du Monde and the Old French Market; learn about Creoles and Cajuns and their unique cuisines.

$25 Per Adult – 2 Hour Tour - Daily 4pm

Garden District Walking Tour

Upon arrival in New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the Americans found the Creoles living down-river from Canal Street. The two groups hated each other, so the Americans settled up-river from Canal Street in the early and mid-nineteenth century. This enclave of Americans became filthy rich and built great, ostentatious mansions in an area that came to be known as the Garden District.

On the Garden District tour, you will stroll the streets of this famous neighborhood and view the stately mansions and lush gardens; see the homes of Archie Manning, John Goodman, and the house where the Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, died. You will visit Lafayette Cemetery.

Be amazed by the Garden District homes, which exhibit features of several architectural styles. Included are the Italiante, Queen Anne, Greek Revival, and the Louisiana Raised Cottage. Enjoy the huge trees, beautiful flowers, and the lush foliage. Most houses are very elaborate, reflecting the desire to demonstrate the wealth of the owner. Houses were constantly remodeled to “keep up with the Jones”. As a result, homes were updated to surpass the grandiosity of the last that was remodeled. Visit Lafayette Cemetery, where you will see the famous above the ground tombs and “Wall Vaults”. The wall vaults were called ovens because temperatures in the summer rose to several hundred degrees inside, thereby facilitating the rapid decomposition of the body.

$25 Per Adult – 2 Hour Tour - Daily 10am & 1pm 

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