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New Orleans is the perfect city to host a bachelorette party, 24 hour bars, open containers on the street, amazing live music and some of the best food in the world are just a few of our draws.  Bourbon Street doesn’t require any planning, just get there and you’ll find your way to a good time in no time!


We know better than anyone that a well planned bachelorette party makes a great bachelorette party, and the maid of honor usually gets stuck with task of planning a successful weekend in an unknown locale. This site is here to help you with everything Bourbon Street can’t. From lodging and dining to tours and music venues, as locals that like to party, we have assembled a fail proof resource to help you get your party planned. Now if you can just lockdown a headcount you’ll be all set!


Bachelorette Parties New Orleans is owned and operated by tourism professionals that have spent a few too many years in New Orleans staying up too late and exploring every nook and cranny of this amazing town. What we aim to do here is give you a comprehensive one stop resource for all of your bachelorette party planning needs. Every hotel, restaurant, club, and tour is hand selected to make sure that each phase of your weekend goes as planned.


Premium Transportation understands that moving large or small groups around an unfamiliar city can be difficult. That is why we focus on advanced planning, experienced drivers, and top quality vehicles of all sizes. We are always on call to help you solve your large group transportation needs, or your last minute small group requests. Let us take the stress out of transportation for you so you can enjoy your time in New Orleans.

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